Perimeter walls are a feature of residential and commercial property development in South Africa.

Their function is primarily security and aesthetic appeal.

To differentiate walls and improve appearance wall and column cappings and decorative wall mouldings are common place.

These traditionally have been made from brick, specialised plaster techniques and precast concrete.

The above methods are time consuming, often expensive and labour intensive.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) offers a viable alternative for these components as it is lightweight, can be cut or moulded into any shape and can be readily protected by propriety EPS plaster systems.

"Dynamic, Inovative, Ecological and Professional."



DIPS capping and mouldings are a range of EPS products that are made to order to suit the individual requirements of the customer.

Sizes and profile requirements are submitted to DIP Systems who then cut or mould to shape and size.

Products can be supplied unplastered with the plaster supplied separately for application on site or pre plastered with a 2-3mm EPS plaster coating.

Wall capping and moulding lengths can be supplied up to a maximum length of 3 metres but are most often cut to coincide with the spacing between wall expansion joints.

Dips products are supplied with an EPS adhesive to glue the products to the wall surface.

DIPS cappings can also be secured with a conventional plaster mix.
DIPS capping joints are finished with either a silicone sealer or a plastered V joint.


1) Decide the profile and dimensions of the capping or moulding required.

2) Provide a detailed drawing with dimensions to DIP Systems. Include the dimensions of the wall or column to be capped.

3) DIP Systems will quote to meet the specified requirement.

4) Once supplied place the moulding or capping in position securing the DIPS EPS cap by using Water Based Sealant Adhesive.

5) If supplied unplastered apply a 2-3 mm thickness of dips plaster to the capping or moulding.

6) Joints in mouldings can be joint sealed with Polystyrene sealants.

7) If required paint the dips capping product with a quality acrylic paint.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
    As EPS is a lightweight material components can be easily positioned with minimal effort and labour.
  • Dimensionally accurate
    As the DIPS products are precision cut or moulded in factory the appearance of the finished product is uniform and not subject to human error.
  • Versatile
    Any shape, size and length can be cut or moulded.
  • Moisture resistant
    EPS is impermeable to water and when used as a wall or column capping will prevent water seeping into the tops of walls and columns.
  • Durable and long lasting
    EPS will not rot or degrade over time giving permanency to all wall features and decoration.
  • Cost competitive
    EPS components can be made faster and lighter than concrete or plaster equivalents and are competitive in material cost and significantly reduce the labour involved in installation.


DIPS expanded polystyrene wall and column cappings

Profile, shape, size:

To customer specification


16-24 gm/lt depending on product.

Fire retardant:



DIPS glue expanded polystyrene adhesive supplied in either 1 or 5lt tins.