Thermal insulation of buildings is becoming increasingly relevant
as ever increasing energy costs and climate change are a reality.

DIPS Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is one of the most efficient and cost effective materials to provide thermal insulation in buildings.

"Dynamic, Inovative, Ecological and Professional."

One area that acts as a thermal heat loss is the under floor area of any building drawing heat generated inside buildings into the ground.

The under slab insulating system acts as a easy to install under floor insulation system as well as having a number of other functions and benefits.


Under - slab insulation is an under floor, thermal insulating system used as an integral part of ground floor slab systems between conventional foundation walls.

Panels are manufactured 2.500 x 1.220 m square and are(butt and taped / toungue and groove edged).

The prime function is to insulate ground floor concrete slabs but it also acts as a moisture proof barrier replacing the continuous plastic sheeting normally used for this purpose.

Some Benefits:

  • No Plastic (250 micron USB) sheeting required
  • Ground floor insulation
  • Water proof barrier
  • Concrete reduction
  • Reduction of potential surface cracking
  • Reinforcement mesh size reduction
  • Optimisation of underfloor heating systems
  • Floor Loading support
  • Long life
  • Cost effective

Under - slab insulation can also be used as an EPS thermal insulating cavity former in external brick walls. In this application it will also have a dual function of creating an 'in wall' moisture barrier.