Brief History

Drainage Insulations & Protective Systems was formed in January 2000.

The main focus of the company is consulting and supplying of quality polystrene materials into the Construction Industry.

With a great deal of research and development, DIP Systems has grown from strength to strength, offering quality materials and professional advice for industry requirements.

DIPsystems has state of the art machinery for the manufacturing and cutting of polystyrene in various densities and can obtain an optimum density of up to 60DV.

DIPsystems being Dynamic, Innovative, Ecological and Professional will continually support our customer base for the most challenging requests and endeavour to produce any product they may require.

DIP Systems research into ENERGY saving has effectively reduced costs both in the manufacturing process as well as efficacy of the installed products.



With ever increasing building costs, the requirement for rapid building, rising energy costs and greater awareness of global warming and energy conservation as an important aspect of building design, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is becoming increasingly used in modern day construction.

  • Less Building costs
  • Energy Conservation
  • Global awarness

In South Africa alternatives to the tradition of brick and mortar are going to have to be used to enable the building demand to be met.The use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the construction industry is becoming a bigger demand, and DIPsystems, dynamic, innovative, ecological and professional approach to energy conservation is of utmost priority.

The use of underfloor polystyrene has a number of energy saving advantages:

  • No plastic (250 micron USB) sheeting required as the polystyrene will not abrorb water
  • Reduced concrete thickness
  • Insulation of the slab from below and above
  • underflooring cost savings when heating floor and retaining the heated floor for longer periods
  • DIPS expansion joint former has the energy saving advantage during the manufacturing process. The polystyrene joint former is manufactured cleaner and faster than its rivals i.e. softboard and closed polythelene materials

"Dips Systems - Striving for more Effective Methods in Conserving Energy by Insulating Africa."